Pattaya 4 Leisure – Taxi / Minivan fares

Taxi Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

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From                                     To                                Vehicle                        Price

Suvarnabhumi Airport          Pattaya                        Taxi                             1200 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport          Pattaya                        Minivan                       2000 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport          Bangkok Centre          Taxi                             900 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport          Bangkok Centre          Minivan                        1500 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport         Hua Hin                      Taxi                              2500 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport         Hua Hin                      Minivan                        3500 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Don Muang Airport     Taxi                               1000 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Don Muang Airport      Minivan                         1500 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Ban Phe (Koh Samet) Taxi                               2000 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Ban Phe (Koh Samet) Minivan                         3000 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Kanchanaburi             Taxi                               2700 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Laem Chabang           Taxi                              1500 Baht

Suvarnabhumi Airport        Laem Chabang           Minivan                         3000 Baht

Don Muang Airport            Pattaya                       Taxi                               1500 Baht

Don Muang Airport            Pattaya                       Minivan                          2500 Baht

Taxi from Pattaya

From                                     To                                Vehicle                        Price

Pattaya                                 Suvarnabhumi Airport  Taxi                              1200 Baht

Pattaya                                 Suvarnabhumi Airport  Minivan                         2000 Baht

Pattaya                                 Don Muang Airport      Taxi                               1500 Baht

Pattaya                                Don Muang Airport       Minivan                         2500 Baht

Pattaya                                 Hua Hin                       Taxi                               3300 Baht

Pattaya                                Hua Hin                         Minivan                        4800 Baht

Pattaya                                All Eastern Seaboard Golf Courses* Taxi        1600 Baht

Pattaya                                All Eastern Seaboard Golf Courses* Minivan   1800 Baht

Pattaya                               Utapao Airport                 Taxi                             1000 Baht

Pattaya                               Utapao Airport                  Minivan                       1600 Baht

Pattaya                               Ban Phe (Koh Samet)      Taxi                            1500 Baht

Pattaya                               Ban Phe (Koh Samet)      Minivan                       2000 Baht

Pattaya                               Bangkok Centre               Taxi                            1500 Baht

Pattaya                               Bangkok Centre                Minivan                      2500 Baht

Pattaya                              Koh Chang **                    Taxi                            3200 Baht

Pattaya                               Koh Chang **                    Minivan                      4200 Baht

Pattaya                               Korat                                 Taxi                            4300 Baht

Pattaya                               Laem Chabang                 Taxi                             700 Baht

Pattaya                               Laem Chabang                 Minivan                       1300 Baht

Bangkok                             Laem Chabang                 Taxi                              1500 Baht

Bangkok                             Laem Chabang                  Minivan                        3000 Baht

 All prices are subject to change

Please Note: Taxi’s are available for up to THREE people including luggage. Minivan’s are available for up to TEN people including luggage. If you have a bigger party, e mail us we will be able to accommodate you.

*Includes pickup from hotel wait at your chosen Golf Course and return to Pattaya Hotel

** Transport to Koh Chang is to the ferry port only. If you prefer to go direct to your Hotel please add 500 baht to the above prices. Prices DO NOT include ferry tickets which will need to be purchased at the port. If your arrival is after 12.00 pm, we will only be able to take you to the ferry port.

Prices include all tolls and costs are per vehicle.

To Book a taxi or minivan visit our website at

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